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53.689168 -8.562645

The Islands demonstration catchment is the sub catchment of the Islands River which straddles the Galway-Roscommon border and flows through the town of Ballymoe before joining the main channel of the River Suck.

Islands River

The sub catchment has an area of approximately 145km2. Of the seven water bodies in this sub catchment, only one has a high status objective. However, five of the remaining are upstream of this waterbody and therefore activities in these sub basins have the potential to impact on it.  The high status objective waterbody is currently failing to meet its objective and has fallen to good status in the last two monitoring cycles.  It is considered to be at risk of failing to meet the high status objective which has been set for it in the River Basin Management Plan for Ireland.

The significant pressure on the high status objective water body is reported as urban waste water, but agriculture and hydromorphology are significant pressures in some of the upstream waterbodies.

There are areas of high pollution impact for phosphorus in the sub catchment along with a high proportion of peat soils.

The Desk Study for the Islands is available at the following link:

Islands Desk Study

Presentations from the Public Engagement Meeting are available by selecting the links below:

Islands Presentation 1

Islands Presentation 2