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Open Consultation For Graney Demonstration Sub-Catchment

Residents of East Clare are being invited to share their views on the health of local rivers. Flagmount Digital Hub is the venue for open consultation with the Waters of LIFE project on Tuesday July 30th and Thursday August 1st. Waters of LIFE are an EU-funded project trialling water quality measures that work for local

Video: Who’s Our Best Water Quality Storyteller?

When it comes to water quality, who’s our best story teller? This short video looks to answer the question.   The video was produced at the Delour River (Delour_20) in Co. Laois in support of the Blue Dot Programme with support from the Local Authority Water Programme. The waterbody has high ecological status (Perio SW

New Video Marks 2 Years Since Project Launch

A new video has been published to mark the second anniversary of the project launch for Waters of LIFE. The short feature contains highlights from the launch event held in Limerick on April 29th 2022. Speakers included Malcolm Noonan T.D. (Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform), Bernadette White (Local Authority Waters Programme &

Project Newsletter: Spring 2024

The Waters of Life Newsletter for Spring 2024 is now live. It’s packed full of updates from project work over the last while including: Project Update: A Fresh Focus On Water Quality EPA Restore Project Desk Studies Of Our Catchments Recommendations for Agri-Environment Payment Scheme Insight and Guidance on Water Quality Solutions Seminar on Natural

Local Catchment Assessments Presented

Local Catchment Assessments have been presented for the demonstration catchments of the Waters of LIFE Project. The Local Catchment Assessments (LCAs) were prepared by project partner Local Authorities Programme (LAWPRO) staff on behalf of the project and presented to a gathering of Waters of LIFE, LAWPRO and RESTORE project staff at an event in Portlaoise

Milestones Ahead for EPA Restore’s Water Quality Monitoring Programme

Progress is being made on the development of a monitoring programme for water quality in Waters of LIFE demonstration catchments. Initiated in November 2023, the RESTORE project will detect change and assess the effectiveness of measures to protect and restore high status objective water bodies. The decline of Ireland’s most pristine waters since the late

Fresh Focus On Water Quality Helps Waters Of LIFE IP

The launch of the €60 million “Farming for Water” European Innovation Partnership (EIP) has sharpened the focus on water quality in Ireland. That’s already proving helpful for the Waters of LIFE IP with its focus on High Status Objective Water Bodies, says project manager Anne Goggin. “It’s another move towards paying landowners for ecosystem services

Citizen Science For Connacht Students in Blue Dot Catchments

Kick sampling and creepy crawlies are great ways to learn about blue dot water quality. That’s according to Connacht school children who tried catchment science for the first time. The Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) organised stream sampling sessions for children aged 10-12 from six primary schools in County Mayo in May 2023. The aim

Waters of LIFE appears on TEAGASC Signpost Series Webinar

The Waters of LIFE Project Manager, Anne Goggin, and Agricultural Scientist for the Awbeg / Kilbrin Project Catchment, Philip Murphy, appeared on the TEAGASC Signpost Series which took place on Friday, 15 December, 2023. The webinar was hosted by Noel Meehan, ASSAP Manager, Teagasc. Anne and Philip discussed the EU Waters of LIFE project, with

Additional Resource for Framework of Best Practice Measures & Guidelines for the Protection & Restoration of High Status River Water Bodies Published

The “Framework of Best Practice Measures & Guidelines for the Protection & Restoration of High Status River Water Bodies” or “Framework document” is available to all agency advisors, catchment scientists, and practitioners working in the water quality domain – see – Framework of Measures and Best Practice Guidance for High Status Objective River Water Bodies Published

Waters of LIFE appears on Tom MacSweeney’s Maritime Ireland Podcast

The Waters of LIFE Project Manager, Anne Goggin, was recently a guest on Tom MacSweeney’s Maritime Ireland Podcast.  Anne outlined the decline in the number of High Status Waterbodies in Ireland since the 1970’s and described how the Waters of LIFE Project hopes to reverse this decline. You can listen to the full episode be

Graney Demonstration Catchment Desk Study Published

The Desk Study for the Graney Demonstration Catchment in on the borders of Counties Clare and Galway has been published. The Desk Study was prepared by Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) catchment scientists on behalf of the Waters of LIFE Project. Desk Studies are the first stage in Project Action C1: Catchment Walkover Investigations. They