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52.987985 -8.614085

The Graney demonstration catchment covers an area of approximately 174.5km² in North East County Clare, and projects slightly into County Galway.


Of the eight water bodies in the Graney demonstration catchment, only three have a high status objective and only one is currently meeting its objective. The other two have fallen to good status and are considered to be failing to meet their objective under the River Basin Management Plan.

Blanket peat mainly overlies the sedimentary geology in this catchment. It is these peatlands that help regulate climate, control and purify water flows as well as supporting terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity. However, protection and in some instances, restoration is required to maintain the quality of these services.

The significant pressures in the catchment are forestry and agriculture. This catchment was chosen in consultation with Coillte and the Forest Service as there is likely to be significant forestry activity in the area during the life of the project.  This will allow appropriate management strategies for high status areas to be developed.

The Desk Study for the Graney is available at the following link:

Graney Desk Study

Presentations from the Public Engagement Meeting are available by selecting the links below:

Graney Presentation 1

Graney Presentation 2